Thursday, December 4, 2014

Big Changes

Well, there's no time like the present for changes to occur. Especially unexpected ones!

In a nutshell, my husband will have to spend the better part of next year away from us, due to work, school, and retraining for a new job [insert sniffle]. We had talked before about any changes we would have to make while he is gone - if you know much about the military, you will know that a lot can be involved in a temporary duty assignment, and when you have a family in one place and you are in another, it can get tricky all the way around. On account of that, my husband decided the best and easiest thing in the long run would be for my children and I to stay with family, where I wouldn't be alone and it will make some important things a little easier. 

So, about two weeks ago, we began preparing to relocate the kids and I and what we can fit in with my mother, and have been feverishly trying to pack, clean, organize, and dispose of unnecessary items. This also brings a big change to our school, because I will have exactly two shelves and a couple plastic drawer units to store our school materials on/in. I have thought it out, and instead of trying to cram too much on them and make a big mess instead of order, I am going to temporarily move to Montessori inspired unit studies. Actually, somewhere in-between unit studies and focused learning. Which sound almost the same anyway.

That being said, I may be on a small blog break for a little while, giving us time to adjust to the changes, settle in, and get through Christmas together!

I will try to make sure we at least take pictures to give an update on what's going on whenever I get the chance :)

I do hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season, and that you all spend it with family, cherishing the moments!

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